Project Details



Scuderia Unicas is the team from the University of Lazio that competes in the Formula Student Inter-University Championship, an engineering design competition involving the most important universities in the country.

The project

The idea for the project at Unicas came from a group of engineering students with a passion for motorsport and a desire to put into practice the knowledge they had acquired during their academic career, who proposed the initiative to the Magnifico Rector Giovanni Betta.
The Rector’s reaction: “I am very proud of this project for several reasons: firstly, because it started from a student initiative; secondly, because it is a very ambitious project and ambitious challenges are important for students and for the University; it is a project that involves advanced and applied research without neglecting the aspect of sporting competition; I am sure that it will be a success.

The lecturers

The engineering professors are also enthusiastic about the project, especially Professor Giuseppe Tomasso, the project’s faculty advisor.
“Motorsport has always been an important driving force for technological innovation and experimentation with new technologies. The project of an electric Formula Student is concrete proof that today electric means not only ‘ecological and clean’ but also ‘powerful and fun’. I am happy and proud that a group of our students has started this initiative. We, as lecturers and researchers, will give this group of wonderful young people all the support we can. Support, let me be clear, not just to participate, but above all to win”.

The students

The response from students at the University of Cassino and Lazio Meridionale has also been very positive, with more than 80 students already responding to the invitation from their peers.
“Scuderia Unicas was born on our own initiative,” says Alberto Pagano, the Scuderia’s team leader, “and we are as proud to be the spokesmen for this project as we are of the response we have received from the students of the University of Cassino and Lazio Meridionale. Our team will work hard over the next few months to create a car that lives up to our expectations and that will carry the University’s name among the best teams in Italy. We would like to thank the Magnificent Rector, Giovanni Betta, our Faculty Advisor, Giuseppe Tomasso, and all the professors who have decided to join us in this adventure, without whom none of this would be possible.