Software development and embedded systems

Explore the domain of Software Development and Embedded Systems with E-Lectra, a distinguished leader committed to the seamless integration of cutting-edge software solutions with advanced electronic systems. Our specialization in automotive applications is underscored by our expertise in crafting sophisticated embedded systems designed to optimize performance and functionality.

E-Lectra’s professional team excels in precision software development, leveraging real-time operating systems, microcontrollers, and advanced algorithms. Our tailored approach ensures that each project benefits from a meticulously designed software architecture that meets specific requirements and industry standards.

Elevate your projects with E-Lectra, where professionalism converges with innovation in the development of embedded systems, setting new standards and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the industry.


In this phase, will be planned and defined the guidelines of the software development basing all the assumption on the customer requirements.


Starting from the planning phase, will be defined all the software requirements in order to implement all the product required functionality.


In this phase will be described how the software must be structured to implement all the requirements obtained in the previous phases.
Defines the system architectural structure in terms of software components.



In this phase all the source is developed according to all the architectural and software specification defined in the previous phases.

Test & Integration

In this phase will be performed the tests on all the single modules that compose the software project and after the modules have been tested will be performed all the integration test.


After the official software release will be manage the analysis of software improvement and bugs fixes in order to keep an always working and stable

System Design

  • Analyze system needs together with customers and provide e!icient and professional solutions

Setup the Platform

  • Choose the Microcontroller that best fits the requirements & the related Embedded products and whatever the system needs

Software & Tools

  • Define the best environmental development tools:
  • IDE, Compiler, Testing & Validation tools.

Develop & Deploy

  • Shortening the systems development life cycle choosing best Agile & software development methodology
  • Deliver to our customers, faster and qualitative, product using integrated CI/CD tool