E-Lectra is a driving force in the development of propulsion projects for high-performance vehicles and telemetry systems for motorsports. We proudly support the Formula SAE team in Cassino and contribute to various electrification projects in motorsports. Our expertise lies in pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that our solutions meet the rigorous demands of high-performance racing environments.

Industrial Project - MotorsportElectric go-kart racing

Among the projects realised in the area of lithium-ion battery management is a BMS for a low-voltage battery pack for motorsport applications and, in particular, for electric go-karts developed in accordance with FIA regulations.
  • High-performance electric powertrain
  • Custom modelling and design
  • Prototypes and testing
  • Key features
  • Official presentation

50 HP racing

30 HP racing

baby-mini electric kit

50 HP
Possibilità di sostituzione della batteria:
  • Battery replacement possible
  • Battery capacity approx. 3 kWh
  • 88 V PMSM engine
  • Kart bodywork derived 125 cc Full FIA compliance
  • 20-minute race mode – maximum power
  • Maximum speed: 145 km/h (depending on gear ratio) Long life
Long life:
  • 1000 hours for battery in race mode
  • Long-life components
  • Low maintenance costs
30 HP
Battery replacement possible:
  • Battery capacity approx. 3 kWh
  • 48 V PMSM motor (induction motor drive also available)
Derived 125 cc kart bodywork Full FIA compliance
  • 25-minute race mode
  • Maximum speed: 125 km/h (depends on gear ratio)
Long life:
  • 1000 hours for battery in race mode
  • Long-life components
  • Low maintenance costs
Racing/rental switch Energy:
  • 14 HP racing mode
  • 3 to 7 HP in rental mode
Battery replacement Battery capacity:
  • 1 kWh to 2 kWh
Compatible with standard kart body. Range:
  • Racing mode 30 minutes
  • Rental mode 80 minutes
  • Low price (expected cost € 3,500.00)
Long life:
  • 1300 hours in running mode
  • 3200 hours in rental mode
  • Low maintenance

Industrial Project - Motorsport Official presentation: Linea Verde RAI 2021 ITALY