Battery systems for automotive and energy applications

Design and production of battery packs

  • Cell selection (chemistry, shape)
  • 3D mechanical design
  • Thermal modelling and validation
  • Busbar design
  • Selection of power/signal connectors and protection devices
  • Cable-based or flexible PCB for cell voltage and temperature measurement

E-lectra S.r.l. has made significant investments in industrial research and experimental development in order to strengthen its presence and technological know-how on the market and to develop particularly innovative solutions capable of accelerating the process of conquering new and important markets in the field of transport electrification and stationary electrochemical storage systems, which the company considers fundamental for business diversification.

The company has developed technologies to optimise the use of electrochemical storage systems in a wide range of applications, including the transport sector, power generation systems, domestic storage and the industrial sector.

Cell and pack performance testing and emulation

  • Static and dynamic characterisation
  • Development of single or multi-physics cell models (electrical, thermal, ageing)
  • Development of battery pack models
  • Availability of equipment to emulate cell behaviour (model based approach)

Advanced Battery Management Systems

  • Custom BMS development (hardware, firmware and software)
  • Design requirements according to functional safety standards (IEC 61508, ISO 26262)
  • Modular battery pack architectures
  • Energy balancing solutions with passive and active balancing circuits
  • SoX estimation algorithm development

BMS Platform used: