Charging Infrastructures


E-Lectra develops all electrical/electronic apparatus, in terms of hardware, firmware, and software, for AC, DC, and wireless charging systems. In particular:

  • Charge controllers for AC stations (Type 2 socket management).
  • Charge controllers for CHADEMO2 and CCS2 protocols.
  • Unidirectional DC/DC converters for rapid charging systems.
  • Modular bidirectional DC/DC and AC/DC converters for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) charging systems.
  • Modular systems integrated with renewable energy generation stations.
  • Primary and secondary PADs for both stationary and dynamic inductive charging.
  • Resonant converters for inductive charging.


AC / DC - power converters



(with online power control)


  • Custom design (mechanical, hardware, software, firmware)
  • EMC compliant

Smart charging for electric boat

Industrial Project – Charging InfrastructuresDC Charging Stations - Modular V2G Concept

  • Unique architecture and design
  • High efficiency: over 95% in real operating conditions
  • Modularity, from 25kW to 350kW
  • Possible integration of a local storage system for energy buffering and power distribution
  • Proprietary ICT architecture, fully interoperable with other energy management platforms
  • Full compliance with CHADEMO2 and CCS2 standards (ongoing) for bidirectional power flow
  • High reliability
  • Unique architecture and design
  • Modularity, from 25kW to 350kW
  • Parallelised SiC MOSFETs with symmetric gate drive circuits
  • Platform designed for testing with different gate drivers

Industrial Project – Charging InfrastructuresWireless power transfer for lightweight quadricycles

  • Power converter sizing
  • Electrical, magnetic and mechanical pad sizing
  • System Integration and Experimental Validation

Industrial Project – Charging InfrastructuresStatic inductive charging systems - Vehicle to Home (V2H) application.

  1. IAF Converter Unit
  2. Grounded resonance capacitor unit
  3. Resonance capacitor on-board unit
  4. RAF conversion unit
  5. CCC Conversion Unit
  6. Pad coupling (15 cm)

Industrial Project – Charging InfrastructuresInductive dynamic charging systems